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If you ask us, we've been married for a long time. After nearly fifty years, we still routinely discuss ways we can improve on our relationship. We maintain open communication and accountability in our marriage to be happy and not just remain married. We know that a good marriage is not just about finding someone you love. It's about learning how to love them.

"We know that a good marriage is not just about finding someone you love.  It's about learning how to love them."
John Godbolt

Our workshops or online counseling sessions will teach you how to build a strong foundation for your relationship that will last through the storms of life and serve as an anchor for your family. We developed ways to get to the core of the problem without being judgmental or overbearing.

We know it's not easy to talk about, and it can feel like there's no way out. But we're on your side—and we're going to help you figure out why things aren't working so that you can move forward together. With the right framework to guide you, we believe that you and your partner can make meaningful changes in your relationship

What We do

I offer professional help to those who need either simple advice or require psychological treatment

Mental health is not a goal, but a process. It’s about how drive, not where you go. Here i come with several services to help you understand how to drive well.

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Premarital Counseling

Building a strong foundation is critical if you want what you’re building to last, and marriage is no different. In our premarital counseling sessions, we give you the tools you need to build a sturdy foundation.

Seminars & Workshops

We work with couples in groups of any size to strengthen not only their relationships, but themselves. Hear from the creators of Partners in Marriage, Dr. John and Vertell Godbolt, and other specialists to glean the right tools needed for building - and repairing - healthy marriages.

"Personal growth is important, but so is growing together as a couple. Learn new things, set goals together, and keep evolving as a team."
Partners In


Nurturing your marriage is not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of strength and commitment to growing together."

"Marriage is not a destination, but a journey. It’s about how you navigate, not just where you end up. We are here  help you understand how to navigate this journey."

From Our Heart to Yours...

Hear From Our Wonderful Partners In Marriage

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